Come Fail With Me

And the award for poorly translated ad of the week goes to...

First of all I thought this ad for Avianca airline by Brazilian agency Z+Comunicação, São Paulo was using a clever play on the word 'two'. I desperately sought out a double meaning so that this ad was not as embarrassingly flawed as I first thought. But alas to no avail. 

Clients pay big money for ads, and nothing grinds my gears more than poor attention detail and lack of care, especially in print ads with such little copy. Both Avianca and Z+Comunicação hang your heads in shame.


  1. I think the main image of the ads is a great idea, but I think the mistake just adds further insult to the already dismal copy.

  2. Exactly. Spot on. It's a shame.
    Sack the Copywriter and give the Art Director a raise!

  3. How is this an error. I think it is trying to say they only offer two flights since on the other hand means it does not agree with the uniqueness. So too would be inappropriate. Saying our flights, on the other hand, are two. Is the same as saying we don't only have one flight (unique) we have two flights.