Bake to the Drawing Board

This annoys me. A hell of a lot. Oh wow. That's a good idea. Oven gloves attached to trolleys and baskets to convey that our products are oven-baked. Let's think for a minute. How many people throughout the days and weeks will use that same trolley? Because there's no way people are going to take them off and wash them I'm telling you. No way. I just don't think people would even want to use them in the first place. They're dorkish. This 'ingenious' ambient idea is for Lay's and was created by Dutch agency Comm'pas, Amsterdam. I'm just not sold on the idea, I'm afraid. Not for one minute. I apologise now for anyone searching the words 'Amsterdam' and 'Baked' and ending up on this blog. Because let me tell you, I share your disappointment. 

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