Folkin' Social Media

I like these print ads for Kent State Folk Festival in the U.S, crafted by agency Marcus Thomas, encouraging you to experience live music rather than using social media to access it. The copy really is excellent, as is the design to give it a folky-feel, for want of a better word.
Its attack on social media is a good route to go down, and as it's a folk festival, I'm sure it will resonate with most of the people who attend, who haven't grown up with social media in their faces.
However, it's a shame that Marcus Thomas have made these ads a tad hypocritical by using social media to promote the festival. I know using social media is a must nowadays, but I feel the impact of them has been slightly tarnished because of it.
Still a great campaign, and without them using social media people like me definitely wouldn't be talking about them, so perhaps a wise decision...

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