Charmin' Old Spice Bounces In

We all love Old Spice's advertising, don't we?
Well, I do.
It's fresh, funny and fetching, and they've continued this trend with advert takeovers of other P&G brands.

The ads see the new spokesman Terry Crews, a former NFL player and actor, crash his way into adverts for Bounce and Charmin', under the premise that "Old Spice is so powerful it sells itself in other people's commercials" as part of the 'Smell is Power' campaign produced by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.

I think these ads are, for want of a better word, powerful.
Once Terry Crews has pummelled his way into the adverts, there is a tirade of explosions and goofy dialogue that has you giggling and wanting more.
Plus, any novel use of an old medium such as TV is a winner in my books.

Great stuff once again from Old Spice.

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