Cup of Sea

Sometimes an Art Director comes up with an idea and will stop at nothing to ensure it's approved.

This is one of those.

This picture looks like a sewage spill in the ocean. It doesn't look appealing. Yes, it matches the copy, and it gives the impression that McDonald's have big-ass coffee, but it looks disgusting.

Would you buy this coffee? Imagine if Starbucks or Costa advertised their coffees like this.

I'm sure several Art Directors are nursing semis because of this ad, and I'm happy for them, but DDB Helsinki, this is what I'd refer to as 'Creative Wank'. Beautifully executed and designed, but no real conception or thought behind it. Maybe I'm being harsh, but I like being harsh.

If DDB think this ad will sell coffee, they really need to wake up and smell the... yeah, you get it. 

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