Smokin' Ads Pt 1

Following on from the last post I thought I'd do a series of Anti-Smoking ads from around the world. In my opinion, ads like these don't work. They won't stop people who already smoke from smoking, but they can prevent people from starting. Check out some of these amazing ads.

This first ad is probably one of the best uses of shock I've seen for a long, long time. The image is so powerful and the art direction is simply stunning. This was crafted by Draft FCB for CONAC, the Chilean Corporation Against Cancer, and I just can't stop looking at the ad. It grabs your attention brilliantly. Truly inspiring stuff.

This next ad was created by Mercury 360, Bucharest in 2008 and is an excellent visual with a simple yet very effective piece of copy. Really nice idea.

Despite carrying an extremely wonderful visual, which out of all of these ads is the best one in my opinion to put the effect smoking has into an easy to understand visual, I believe the copy in this ad is stunning. It was created by Neogama BBH in Brazil. Great stuff.

This last ad is a really nice visual concept and a unique approach in an extremely cluttered market. I applaud the fact that CHI & Partners don't try to outright shock you, but instead use a subtle approach.


  1. Branching away from information to emotion on anti-smoking ads started with this one from the American Lung Association:

    If I remember (dating myself), it was during the Reagan years, early-80's?

  2. Love that.

    A very eerie concept there. (Sorry).