Hair Raising

These are examples of the sorts of ads that I hate that state ridiculous promises and pry on insecure women, which they stupidly fall for. These ads are saying if you don't use our product, no one will know who you are, you'll never get a promotion or a raise, and you'll be stuck in a long-term relationship with a guy called James and therefore will never pursue your dream of being a slut. These ads were created by Brazilian agency Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte and I think the timeline concept is an OK idea, but c'mon ladies, let's get back to reality. The premise of these ads is forced, fabricated and complete bullsh*t. Anyone who buys this product because of these ads is a fool. These ads are making me angry. Now where's my Activia? I need to look after my good bacteria.


  1. Women with moustaches are well fit.

  2. I'm going to have to disagree with you there.

    It's men with moustaches that do it for me.