Making a Mountain out of a Molehill

This is a big campaign across outdoor and several print executions for Powder Mountain by the excellently-named Super Top Secret, USA. In case you don't know (how could you not?), Powder Mountain is a ski resort located east of Eden, Utah (Thank you, Wikipedia) and is apparently massive. Some of these executions I adore, yet some of these I hate. Some of these have excellent copy, yet some of these have terrible copy. And some of these look like they have been designed by an agency that deserves the prefix 'Super', yet some of these look like they have been designed by a child.
I'm confused as to why all of these executions have been released at once, as I'm convinced you can get at least 2, maybe 3, campaigns out of these.
The first lot of prints I think are brilliant. They take a light-hearted and amusing approach which I think would definitely resonate with their target audience. Really nice art direction and copy too.

The outdoor campaign is a nice idea but in my opinion only one of them is good. The copy of 'Less oxygen. More air.' is brilliant but the others fall behind by some distance which is a shame. It's also a shame that they are nothing like the above executions. Perhaps they could support them, but I remain unconvinced.

The second group of print ads I hate. They are trying to be funny but aren't, are trying to look good, but aren't, and are trying to get people to go to Powder Mountain, but won't. These should never have been released alongside the two above, or perhaps even should never have been released at all. I think these executions result in a good campaign becoming overcrowded and confusing.

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