What a Ride

These ads are absolutely stunning. Long copy is on its way back, people. It comes from Saatchi and Saatchi Manila, The Phillippines and they are for Vespa, the scooter brand.
The copy, and to a lesser extent the art direction, really are truly magnificent. Granted it's the type of ad that you'd expect from a motorcycle brand, but I think this is what Vespa are going for. It's almost a Harley-Davidson style ad. It's the journey, the feeling of actually riding with the one you love, with the tagline 'Our ride' perfectly conveying this. These really capture the essence of what the Vespa brand is about.
Well executed, well crafted and beautifully simple. The first ad's final line of 'Against the wind' is mind-blowing. They are genuinely inspiring and they are an ode to the art of copy.
These ads are the exact reason why I want to be a copywriter. Breathtaking stuff.

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