Unicef Switch On

This ad is from Unicef by Lowe Jakarta, which went out in Indonesia and it is encouraging children to spend less time watching TV. Apparently Indonesian children spend an average of 5 hours a day watching TV, which is more than twice the maximum viewing time suggested. I love the line 'See what you can switch on, when the screen is off', however, perhaps more is needed. It doesn't actually highlight the fact that Indonesian children watch far too much TV, and therefore doesn't encourage an immediate change in behaviour.

I'm really not sure about the bottom ad, because the first two are so much clearer, and why is there a pint next to the TV? What is this supposed to say- Turn off the TV, ride a bike, become a child alcoholic? I mean it could be coffee but it doesn't really look like it, and even giving too much caffeine to children is still poor parenting.

They are good ads, I just think they need that little bit extra copy to make people act, the copy they have got is brilliant, but the whole ad is just not pressing the issue enough.

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