Oh Yes, Love, I've Always Been A Huge Fan of Cars, Fishing and Power Tools

Believe it or not, this is a series of ads for Hooters, the U.S restaurant chain with two big reasons to visit. The idea of this ad is that it is camouflaged so your wives and girlfriends don't realise you are going to their Happy Hour, with the Q standing for Quetzel, the Guatemalan Dollar. 
I think these ads are a great idea, but surely its ingenuity will lead to its downfall? If you saw this in a magazine and wasn't in need of power tools or fishing equipment, wouldn't you just skip past it? It's a dilemma because if it's too subtle you'd miss it, but not subtle enough, the whole idea is ruined.
I think it's very brave by Hooters and I like the concept very much. The level of subtlety I think is actually spot on and the ads work very well because of it.

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